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How to more reasonable grinding shears

2021-05-13 14:24:21

First of all, the plane of the scissors is flat enough. It must be horizontal grinding! A horizontal plane!

Secondly, the knife surface of the slope must be fixed according to the angle of the grinding, can not tamper with, otherwise the scissors will not wear good! This must practice a certain time to master the skills! And then wash with water edge grinding! That the slope plane with the formation of a cutting edge!

Next, note that two plane angle knife scissors! The regulating screws need! If not to screw it lightly with a hammer hammer the center's anchor! Adjust to the space of about 0.3 to 0.5 mm! (if distance between the big hammer slowly knock knock iron adjustment, if the distance is small then put the scissors in the open jaw, scissors anchor on the jaw, with a hammer knock knock iron slowly adjust). This must be adjusted properly. Otherwise, the sharpening of the scissors will be useless in the near future!

Three, the use of process introduction

1. the first use of the fruit tree pruning machine, with a charger to the battery (with shear accessories) charging (220 volts alternating current), the first charge must be more than 12 hours, charging completed unplug the power plug.

2. put the battery into the battery pack, and insert the power cord into the battery and the fruit tree trimmer jack, and tighten the screw.

3., the battery purse tied at the waist, adjust the bear position.

4. open the battery power switch, so that the scissors are on standby.

5. continuous pull two scissors trigger, scissors head open, you can start your homework.

6. at the end of the operations, the first trigger, the scissors is closed, and then turn off the power switch, unplug the power.

Four, matters needing attention

1., this product is suitable for fruit trees, gardening and other branches pruning, the most suitable for grape trees, mulberry pruning, strictly cutting other objects

2. avoid cutting dry, excellent, too thick branches, so as not to damage the machine.

In the 3. cutting process, if the cutting knife meets the branch which cannot be cut, the scissors will automatically reset to the maximum opening position, and then the next normal shearing work can be done. Attention: the scissors mouth can not sway in the process of reset, so as not to damage the knife edge.

4. the fruit tree pruning machine should not cut vertically while cutting the branches, but should cut the blade along the diagonal of the branch so as to cut smoothly and prolong the service life.

5. the fruit tree pruning machine must not open or remove the shell when it is running.

6., the use of hand knives and other parts of the hand is prohibited, to prevent cutting off fingers or other injuries.

7., rain and snow days prohibited use, so as to avoid damage to the circuit and produce safety incidents.

Five, maintenance

1. the maintenance of fruit tree pruning machine, the need to turn off the power supply, unplug the cable.

2. battery filling before each operation.

3. after each use, wipe the cutting knife with wet cleaning cloth and put antirust oil on it. If the knife edge is not sharp and blunt, the cutting edge of the cutting edge can be sharpened by the whetstone.

4. if the shear cutter wear, and cannot be replaced. Operating procedure reference manual. Note: tighten the blade should not be too tight.

5. tighten all fastening screws weekly to ensure safety.

6. no professionals appointed by non factory shall not disassemble this product.

7., usually stored in children can not be exposed to places, so as to avoid danger

8. when not used for a long time, the surface of the fruit tree trimmer should be cleaned, and the rust proof oil should be smeared on the cutting knife. It is stored in the indoor drying environment of anti pressure, moisture-proof and sun protection, and should not be placed directly on the ground. 9. the battery is charged once every 3 months when the battery is not in use;

10, use a year or longer battery storage, should be wrapped with newspaper newspaper refrigerator freezer for about 8 hours to take out, you can restore the upper limit of battery power

Six, performance and advantages

1, a large number of manpower reduction

2, the use of simple and convenient, improve work efficiency 3-5 times

3, the quality was significantly higher than that of manual pruning scissors