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How to maintain gardening tools

2021-05-13 14:25:29

Gardening tools cleaning:

Every time you use a tool, clean up the dirt on top of it, wash it with water, but dry or dry the water on the tool, and then put it away, otherwise the tool will rust. After using the wooden handle, the flax can be rubbed with linseed oil to protect it. In particular, tools that have been contaminated with chemicals must be thoroughly cleaned, because chemical fertilizers and other chemicals will corrode metal parts. In the use of liquid fertilizer to the watering can, and clean, avoid corrosion and blockage.

Gardening tools should prevent rust:

In the use of pruning tools, a piece of tarpaulin to wipe the metal part. You can also clean the metal parts with clean cloth, and then spray a little anti rust lubricant. The tool can also be used to prevent rust a bucket filled with sand, pour a quart of oil, put the tools away every time before, in the sand plug a few.

Grinding and maintenance of gardening tools:

If you use a tool with a knife edge, you can prepare a grindstone and a knife to polish the tool edge so that it stays sharp.

After completion of the above horticultural tools maintenance procedures, please put the tool into a special cloth bag or toolbox to save, so that the next use.