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How to maintain and maintain your gardening tools

2021-05-13 14:25:44

When you buy new gardening tools, you are more likely to choose low price / low quality or higher price / high quality tools.

Good quality gardening tools are designed to last longer, but only if they are regularly maintained and maintained.

If you choose cheap tools, maintenance is not a problem, because when they wear, you can discard them directly.

However, regardless of quality, regular maintenance of your gardening tools will help ensure that they are competent for gardening and maintenance next time.

The following basic principles will provide more convenience for your gardening work and add more service life to your gardening tools.

* digging tools must be removed after every use of all the soil. Usually, the basic removal work is washed with water, and some corners can not be washed out, screw knife must be used to remove clay or dry mud.

* let them dry completely before storage, do not put wet gardening tools, the linseed oil on a wooden handle, protect them to prevent rust and rot.

* after each use, use oily dishcloth to pruning scissors, scissors and trim the metal part. Or, you can wipe your tools with a clean cloth, and then spray them with transparent oil, such as WD40 universal lubricant.

* In the garden care season, polish your cutting tools, garden shears and shovel blades, etc.. The cutting tool hone, then use sandpaper to smooth the details, and the edge of the shovel knife.

* thoroughly clean any tool for chemicals. Fertilizers and other chemicals will rapidly corrode any metal parts.

* in order to prevent additional corrosion, use 5 gallon gallons of barrel mortar and pour in a new batch of oil on it. Every time you put your tool aside, you can use it as a shovel cleaner / oiler. Each tool enters and delivers oil sands several times after use.

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